SCON Precast Concrete Pipe

Concrete Pipes are manufactured by using the vibration to vibrate concrete and hydraulic compaction to form close tolerance joint profiles. 

SCON Pipes manufactured accordance with Malaysia Standard MS 881. Part 3: 1991, and British Standard BS 5911-1982.
SCON Vertical Concrete Pipes can be categorized into three (3) ranges namely: 
  • Vihy Pipes (Unreinforce Pipes)
    - The diameter range from 150mm to 600mm

  • Rebated Joint Pipe (RJ) The diameter range from 300mm to 1800mm
    - Class X, Y, Z and Z Plus conforms to AS / NZS 4058:2007
    - Class L, M, H and H Plus conforms to MS 881:1991 

SCON Quaality Assurance
  • Incoming raw materials are inspected and tested in accordance to the relavant BS or MS Standard.
  • Load tests are also carried out on specified batches of pipes.

Rebated Joint Pipers (RJ/OGEE)
Rebated Joint Pipers (RJ/OGEE)
Vihy Pipes (VP)
Vihy Pipes (VP)
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